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Is this an automated or a manual SEO scan?

Our SEO scan is completely manual, done by our SEO experts. This is why it is so effective.

While there are good automated SEO scanning software available online, they all lack one thing: the ability to evaluate. They look for common website settings, which are indeed necessary, but not sufficient enough for top rankings anymore. Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated in the last few years. No automated SEO scan solution can really evaluate your website.

Our SEO experts know what to look for in your website and can spot problems even if algorithmically it looks OK at first glance.

This attention to detail is why you have to wait a couple of days for your professional SEO scan.

What do I get with your SEO scan?

We do in-depth analysis of 5 main aspects of your site.

We break that down into a list of 18 points about your website.

You’ll be able to see where you are strongest and where you can still improve.

What aspects do you analyze?

  • Keywords covered. The most common problem in SEO is that websites are only targeting a few keywords. In reality you have a few hundred, at least.
  • Content. How good and how relevant your content is for the keywords you are targeting. This is something that no SEO robot scan can do for you.
  • Internal structure. Even the best content has limitations in search rankings when it’s not organized in a way that Google understands 100%.
  • Technical settings. Yes they are important, but not the most important. Most SEOs and scanning software still concentrate only on this aspect (and the links).
  • Inbound links. Since Google came on the scene in 1998, your links have been important. Quantity and quality also matters, we check both.

Receive Your Free SEO Scan Now