Disclaimer – The limitations of SEO

When working with an SEO company (or doing SEO for your website on your own, for that matter) there is one rule of thumb that you should be always aware of.

Search Engine algorithms are kept secret. Anyone promising you 100% results is either lying or trying to deceive you.

We’ll do our best to help you get better rankings and more customers, which we usually achieve.

But you need to understand that search engine results depend on factors that neither us or you can influence.

Google’s algorithms became so sophisticated in the last few years, that sometimes search engine results depend on “offline” factors. Such as your business providing excellent service to your customers, for example.

When it comes to getting customers, even more factors can affect your results. It’s not enough to get good rankings in the search engines. You need to have a good system of converting visitors into customers, a good reputation in general in your area (we work on getting more customers from your area, i.e. St Louis), etc.

If you provide great service or sell great products, your customers love you and you have an established business, we can help you if we work together.

According to the above mentioned criteria, we do reserve the right not to work with you when we see no possible take-off in your business.